Monday, September 12, 2016

Secret Spot: Daisy Green.

We've walked past it nearly everyday in our jaunts to school. It sits there on New Quebec Street, enticing us with it's promise of fulfillment and happiness.

Is it a store? A handsome gent dressed to the nines? A garden of greenery, an escape from the bustling city of London?

Even better. It's a brunch spot!

I know, we're such starving college students over here, how could we bring ourselves to spend fifteen pounds on brunch?

Well I'll tell you how: life is short. I've found myself budgeting and constantly in a bit of a tizzy over expenses, as it is quite pricey over here, but throughout it all, I've also realized that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, living here in London Town. And whilst I must be aware of my spending, I also deserve to dine out a little and treat myself. I won't get opportunities like this at home!

That being said, Kat and I treated ourselves to one of the best brunches I have had the pleasure of consuming. And it was extra eggcellent because it was after a painful 8:30 lecture.

Plus, a post-brunch nap followed and you simply can't beat that.

Ladies & Gents, I give you Daisy Green

The actual coolest little spot I've seen yet!

Throughout the meal, I couldn't help but feel that this bunny checking me out. At least somebunny finds me cute!

Kat told me that her coffee was most appealing, like the bananas behind her...

Fifteen pounds spent was well worth it. Just check out the size of that breakfast plate!

We will definitely be returning soon. They have a brunch offer with bottomless mimosas and that is enticement enough!

P.S. As if the food wasn't good enough, they also had the best playlist. Everything from Drake, MIA, Phil Collins, Pat Benatar, Tove Lo, and Miley Cyrus. They also used the f-word on their menu.

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