Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tedtastic Start.

Although school hasn't officially started, this week is for the full on induction and orientation into the London College of Fashion. Second day in, we're already tired, but luckily, there are a million places around for espresso and any type of pick-me-up you could imagine.

Included in this orientation were introductions to two of our classes. Because it's only a ten week program (including a few weeks for Paris trips), we have quite a lot to go over before the courses commence and so today was for going over some of the finer details.

British Cultural Studies and Fashion History & Artefact are two very unique classes. Instead of traditional classroom work, we meet at a different location each week to connect the relationship between fashion, history, and what's going on culturally, economically, and politically. How exciting does this sound?

Also included in these two particular classes are journal assignments. Journal. Assignments. It's actually heaven for me. We are to write down our observaions, notes, draw sketches, and keep a record of all of our experiences in London. That's essentially what I do on a daily basis and so you can only imagine the height of my enthusiasm!

School hasn't even begun and yet I'm already enthused beyond belief to get it rolling. There are already so many similarities between FIDM and LCF. Located in downtown shopping centers, one block away from Ted Baker, artsy schools with a curriculum fit to my tastes, and access to such amazing resources are just a few things they both have in common.

It's going to be an amazing couple of months, I just know it.

My roomie and I have decided that instead of braving Oxford Street after classes (it's madness, I tell you), we will be exploring behind the scenes. There are dozens upon dozens of backstreets that we've only just discovered and so we're naturally finding all sorts of photographic opportunities...

And you never know who might be joining you!

Also included in our after school field trip was an unexpecTED stop at the lovely Ted Baker. My roomie was intrigued and so naturally, I got her captivaTED and now interesTED in the ways of Baker.

I was wearing Ted already. I represenTED.

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