Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bright Colors Bring Bright Skies.

It turned out to be a really beautiful day.

The sun was shining its brightest rays and it felt as if spring were truly here. Knock on wood, because knowing our Alaskan luck, it's going to snow again. But for the moment, let me enjoy these promising skies!

I wore this colorful ensemble today because that's how I was feeling- bright, young, and happy.

What I wore: neon yellow J CREW cashmere top (used), mod circle necklace (used), high-waisted aqua blue acid-wash VIVIENNE WESTWOOD pants (used), and red AE flats. 

Later in the evening, when the sun had disappeared on the horizon, I met up with some friends at one of my favorite cafe's in Old Towne Kenai, Veronica's. Ironically, being Saturday night and the birthday of one of the goofiest fellas I know, it was pure celebration bubbling in this tiny cafe. 

There was dancing, sore faces from endless laughter and smiling, and of course, coffee and dessert!

And even when the sun disappeared, the lights continued to shine..

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