Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Song for Sunday- Robbers.

It's a bit late to do be doing a The 1975 song, but better late than never! I actually fell in love with them back in April of 2013 when iTunes "Single of the Week" had their song Chocolate came out.

I don't know if it was my roommate's current obsession with Matt Healy (she literally showed me all sorts of interviews and concert vids, it was most endearing), but I have found myself coming back to the band.

They rock. I'm loving all of their songs at the moment- Sex, fallingforyou, Girls, Chocolate, Settle Down, the works, but my favourite at the moment is Robbers. 

I seem to find myself plugging in and zoning out to this song quite often, actually. I like disappearing into the first chords of the song, the echoey, close your eyes sort of feeling comes over and I can just escape into the sounds of the band.

I don't even know quite how to explain their sound, but it's genuinely unique. It's very like rocker boy, edgy chic, don't know if that quite makes sense. Very loose, British, and I love the fact that it's not fluid and note-hitting all the time. And their music videos are way cool. A little dark and sad, but really wicked.

"..Now everybody's dead
And they're driving past my old school
He's got his gun, he's got his suit on
She says, "Babe, you look so cool, you look so cool, you look so cool, cool, cool, cool
You look so cool, you look so cool, you look so cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.."

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