Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Body Love.

So I've kind of being going into a healthy body image kick.

Don't get me wrong, I've always been an avid supporter of self-love and the philosophy of healthy being the new skinny, but I've certainly become more focused and inspired in that area as of late.

I think it has to do with one of our current assignments for critical thinking. So we basically had to pick an issue, analyze pro and con's of both the sides, and then come up with a summary on what our findings revealed and what we thought our opinion was, based on this valid analyzed research. My particular topic of choice- Does social media negatively impact body image?

To begin, I went with a brief personal experiment. I said to myself No social media for one week and I was to see the effects it had on me mentally. Personally, I've never been a fan of social media, ever since it came out. That's just my opinion, my expression of taste. But when we look at this from a critical standpoint, or a judgemental standpoint, I must be able to defend my belief.

Why? I've never felt better about myself when on social media. Rarely have I looked at photos on Instagram and thought Wow I feel so good about myself, or my body. Of course I love seeing my friends and family and what they post, but as far as personal inspiration or healthy and positive encouragement, hard as I might try, I never feel better about myself.

Well maybe I'm not following the right people! Maybe so, but what lies deeper is my hidden and unconscious thoughts. Why did I only get twenty-two likes? Do I post this style too much? Is HE going to like my photo? Do my legs look dry? It's constant, pushed back there in the wee part of my brain that I try and ignore. Because what it comes down to is this: who cares what people think. Our society has become so obsessed with how many likes and how much popular attention we receive on social medias and it is simply unhealthy. We shouldn't base our happiness, value, and self worth on popularity on social media, or from anyone for that matter, just you! Your validation for happiness comes when you decide how you feel about yourself, and if social media makes you feel bad about yourself, remove that from your life for a little! You can't get a positive result from a negative state of mind. For me, social media is a waste of time, it doesn't make me feel better about myself, and it constantly makes that wee part of my brain nag at me about how I look.

That's not to say that all social media is bad, per say. I love our advancement in technology and the spreading of information and the togetherness that social media has brought the world, but I have personally come to the conclusion that it simply does not positively effect people the way that it has the power to do. 

A little social media is good though! I love checking up on my friends from around the world or my best friend's latest pic from a party. I just don't need to be on it 24/7. 

And yet, here I am on my blog, or messaging people on Facebook, or posting a photo on Instagram! Tips on how I do this and yet have a better thought process about being on social media, however briefly? Blogging, for me, is like an online journal. There's hardly ever any interaction with people, and if there is, it's positive, and it helps me vent in a positive state. Secondly, I limit my time on social media. To resist the temptation to pull up Instagram when you're settling in for bed, I simply plug in a film, read a book, write in my journal, or listen to music. There are plenty of positive ways to stay off it! And if you're tempted further, delete the app. I'm telling you, it does wonders. And if you like to post frequently, simply log out so you're not tempted to refresh the page every five seconds. Trust me, this helps!

Healthy body image is crazy important to me. It kills to see girls constantly comparing themselves (negatively) to others, or to bash themselves, or to simply be unhappy about who they are. Girls (and guys, if you're out there and happen to read my blog), you are beautiful. You're extraordinary, unique, smart, and capable of magnificent things. And it takes time, but you have the capability to love yourself, flaws and imperfections and all, for that's what makes you you. 

Here are a couple of encouragements, from me to you!

This campaign is wicked cool, and super encouraging:

Healthy is the New Skinny

Got to have those body lovin' jams!

Lovely- Sara Haze (you are good enough!)
Beautiful- Christina Aguilera ( a classic)
Pretty Hurts- Beyonce (this music video is incredible)
Body Love- Mary Lambert (deep)
F**kin' Perfect- Pink (because you are)
Close Your Eyes- Meghan Trainor ("everybody's born to be different, and that's what makes us the same")
Video- India.Arie ( bringing old school back!) 
All About That Base- Meghan Trainor (the best!)
Big, Blonde, and Beautiful- Queen Latifah (cause desserts are the best!)
Fat Bottomed Girls- Glee Cast (Queen originally, but I just love Puck's version!)

And to all those American Girls..
You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC ("knocking me out with those American thighs!")
Mrs. All American- 5SOS ("walk my way Mrs. All American!")

Celebs's wise words:

Inspiring Celebrity Quotes

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
-Coco Chanel

What I wore: white lace PRADA top (used), collection of vintage bangles (used), gold sparkly BANANA REPUBLIC belt (sale), high-waisted pink pleated H&M skirt (used), and t-strap polka dotted J RENEE pumps (Nordstrom Rack).

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