Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Yes Lads.

Thus begins one of the highlights of my year.

The week of the Brits. The intense week full of making new friends, late In-N-Out runs, ping pong and pool tournaments, and excessive base filled jamming in the car at midnight, racing to hit curfew.

Yes lads, it is one class week! One that I would very much like to extend every year, and one that admittedly comes to a crashing end.

PBD, or Post-Brit-Depression. It's hit, full and hard. And it happens every year, so it's not like it's something that I haven't experienced, or that it comes out of nowhere, it just doesn't seem to numb the pain of goodbyes and the halting of an epic week.

But as I say every year, I'm glad to have had this experience at all! I've made some wicked friends, as well as some pretty fond memories.

So there really isn't a specific time that was more special than the others, so I'm just gonna post all of my favourite photos as well as some funny little story that went along with it.

Game nights! Pop a squat on the sidelines, cheer for your players (whilst also learning names of the others), and give it up for Preston College! The friendly was pretty exciting to watch. I mean, they happened to be playing a team from Dublin..

Some of my best friends from around the world! Jordan, on the left, from Alaska, and then Kate, on the right, from Arizona.

And then we have Carolina and Haley joining the growing female support of Preston.

Emma and Rory here were quite the musicians at the piano every day.. often with the company of my cousin Eric!

This was a team dinner at one of the host family's houses.. one that later evolved into the after-party at my aunt Pam's house. That was the night of putting a player in the boot of the car, as well as intensely loud base pumping music and races to hit curfew. What a night that was! Eleven players at the house.. more than half the team!

We had Scotti, Reece, James, Alex, Kane, Regan, Scott, Rory, and Curtis, as well as all of the fangirls!

Last game day (although they should've been in the finals) was actually one of the funniest games. We had some hilarity with goals, and an overall worth it laugh. 

Curtis and Rory.. love them.

Reece scoring a goal was by far the best celebration out there. Shirts were off, dance moves were displayed, as well as yellow cards given! Totally worth it though. 

Machine gun celebration!

Scott, Regan, and Reece. 


What a fine group that is! A fine group of groupies.. hehe.

Team and their host families. 

Quality week with these lads (and lass). Cheers to Rory, Eric, Emma, and Curtis. 

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