Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Delirious Days.

It's like clockwork every Tuesday afternoon. Whit and myself get utterly delirious.

It happened a bit sooner today for some apparent reason and we were bouncing off of the walls. Whether it was due to the prospect of a long evening, the fact that I was staring one and a half feet down to talk to Whitney (my heels put me at a much higher stance today), or the fact that I was craving an absolute coffee (in which I later had not just one, but two), there was no denial that we were especially delirious.

Any suggestions on how you batter delirium in the later hours of the day? Don't get me wrong- we much enjoy the endless giggles and state of crazy that we go into, we just don't know how to settle down come the later classes!

Ah, but laughter feeds the soul, does it not?

Whitney and I began this little photo shoot with some short/tall jokes, my favorite being:
Whit: "Do you play basketball?"
Me: "Do you play mini golf?"
Oh tall girl probs.

But then slowly, Whit became more delirious..

I then somehow managed to get some normal outfit pics, but that was soon interrupted by Whit... 

Just look at her go!

I tried running for my life...

I soon cam back though because I missed her too much!

Reunited once again.

Her theatrical faces.. They're absolutely hysterical. 

What I wore: misc. flower necklace (used), white LUSH to with bow back (sale), long aqua pleated SOTRINA skirt (used), and nude STEVE MADDEN pumps (used). 

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