Thursday, June 11, 2015

Elon and Elan.

All about Elon. Elan? Elon.

No really. Which one? 

Well, as I recline here ever so relaxingly this fine evening (or at least, until the Cleveland vs. Golden State game hit the third quarter), I go over the day and congratulate myself on the finish of it!

It was a crazy FIDM final day. In our leadership class, we had our final presentations on our chosen leader in action. 

In case you didn't notice, it was on Elon Musk. I was crazy ready to present, been ready since we chose the leader a month ago! And we were somehow graced with the honour of going first, something I was hoping for cause this girl wouldn't have been able to sit still!

Musk is an absolute boss. Besides being an incredible innovator, he's quite the leader and I have been so inspired by him. I've also been inspired to purchase a Tesla. And visit space. You know, just thoughts for the future..

As well as our presentation, we had the most intense math final that I've ever taken. Ten pages long, and some three hours later, I was finally able to put aside my pencil cramped hands and sit down for a chat.

What all have you been up to?

Elon and Elan. Do you not agree that we should meet? It's not everyday I come across another person with the same name as me..

In case you couldn't gather, I was the one to talk about Musk at Tesla Motors. You could say I was pretty passionate..

What I wore: authentic TESLA cap (courtesy of my fellow Tesla fan father), silk black and white J CREW polka dotted blouse (used), blue J CREW skirt (used), authentic TESLA bag (thanks to Dad once more), and blue DOLCE VITA flats (sale).

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