Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Countdown Continues..

It is officially T-minus one week until I am done with my first year of college.

It's absolutely crazy pants.

How time has flown is beyond me. And the fact that we're already halfway through the year is not even.

That being said, things are getting pretty wild down here in So Cal! We've got finals, presentations, packing (Lord, I am still shocked by the amount of clothing I seem to own), as well as cherishing these final few days at FIDM.

As much as I'm just dying to be done with school, I can't help but feel bittersweet about leaving, especially my clique, Jordan and Whitney.

So today was all about them. We aced our Kate Spade part 2 presentation (literally A+) and we goofed off and took photos, as we always do.

The power of three we be..

Just a little glimpse into our Kate Spade part two project..

These gals.



C'est moi..

What I wore: decorated chunky J CREW earrings (major sale), polka dotted JACK crop top (used), mint green WINDSOR tulle skirt, and black MISS BISOU pumps (used). 

OH. Also. So I mentioned to my mom that I needed a new pair of black pumps, for I've been wearing these babies since about the seventh grade and I think it's about time for an upgrade. Don't you agree? Anyhow, any suggestions for a classic black pump, also in size 11? Course there's always those signature Louboutins...

Whitney- fellow movie fanatic and Arctic Monkeys singer. (did I mention she's a wicked good singer?)

Don't even ask!

Jordan- my fellow napper, basketball expert, and "hip hop" rapper with me. Lambo mercy up in here. 

She said we should do the typical white girl pose...

*in between takes*

Roomie love!

I then informed Jordan of my witch-hand syndrome that usually goes down in all photographs. I encouraged her to give it a try!

Literally our life in this photo. 

And as I look around, they don't do it like my clique. Clique. Clique. Clique. 

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