Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Song for Sunday- Unbreakable Smile.

I was innocently scrolling through my Insta the other day when I came across an Ed post on a collab that he did with California artist Tori Kelly. 

Now I did a song for Sunday a while back with one of my fave Tori songs called Dear No One and was instantly intrigued to hear this new one I Was Made For Loving You. 

It was fabulous, as I expected nothing less, so I decided to give her new album a listen. 

My oh my is it good. 

And being on the subject of girl power and self confidence, there came a song on there that instantly struck a chord with me called Unbreakable Smile. 

Man, just the name itself got me hooked. What a mantra. 

Besides Tori having an absolute power voice, her lyrics speak truth and that is something rare and real that you don't always get to hear in the music industry. Too much nowadays is about graphic sex and getting drunk, or dumb stuff with no relevance. Course, I'm a sucker just like the next one for a jam session to songs like I Don't Mind and Post to Be but I still think there's always room for songs with substance and depth. 

Literally there are so many power lines in this song, and it's so catchy and uplifting. Great job Tori! 

"But baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes,
God made me sexy and I don't care if only I know.."

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