Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Things She Loves.

There are some things in life that money can't buy.

Laughter. Friends. Playfulness. Curiosity. Joy. 

And it's those little things in life, as well as those purchased (mainly coffee at this point), that make life truly spectacular and perfect. 

Today's inspiration was drawn from Kate Spade, which, as you know, is always an ever present influence in my style. But it's not just my style that she influences, it's my character. The whole Kate Spade persona is something that I deeply feel is what my life is about.

Now today was also the day of our Kate Spade presentation project part 1- target customer of Kate Spade. Who is she? What makes her tick? So the power group (Whitney, Jordan, and myself) made a cute power point, complete with the twenty little things that inspire Kate Spade ( found in The Things We Love Kate Spade book), as well as an ending video that we filmed over the weekend. Check it out here, we are most proud: The Things She Loves.

And of course, we had to dress the part! Today's look was inspired by a certain page in the Style Kate Spade book (an absolute bible).

#19 on Kate Spade's Things We Love: Bold blooms. Whitney's sporting them right, as per usual!

Jordan in white: White is the color of purity, truce, virginity, and heaven. There are winter whites (snowflakes and eggnog), and whites of spring and summer (Easter lilies and white sand). Women in white- brides, debutantes, and nurses- connote innocence and virtue, but none so coyly as Marilyn Monroe. 

Yellow: As the color of confidence, yellow symbolizes energy, wisdom, and joy. From its good visibility- think taxicabs- to its overpowering optimism, yellow is an attention-getter. Try this color combination- yellow, black, and white. 

What I wore: pearl studs, black HELEN SMITH 1960's beaded floral top (used), yellow CAbi pencil skirt (used), and white FRYE ankle booties (used). 

When my roommate Jo and I get together for pictures, they always end up getting weird..

Ok, can we just focus on the fact that I have these massive witch-like claws as hands?

I used to sit like this in school because my legs stretch on fer days.. I figured I could get Jordan to try it as well!

Dat's right. Success.

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