Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dress up Day.

So we had a special afternoon today. 

Because I had the day off, and because this place was recommended, we decided to head up to Moose Pass (which is on the way to Seward, if you are at all familiar with Alaska geography) to do some afternoon shopping. 

I'm always keen for a proper shop. 

We were accompanied by a good friend Heidi, who told us about the spot in the first place. Now if you recall, Heidi is also the one who hooked me onto Mad Men and so in homage of her, I dressed very sixties. And in response to the "Why are you dressed up today?" comments, I say, why not? everyday is occasion to dress up. 

It feels like I'm driving through a National Geographic documentary...

Naturally, we had to stop at the halfway mark in Cooper Landing at Wildman's for a quick rest, as well as an ice cream espresso shake to keep us going..

This secondhand shop is right on the Moose Pass Road, hidden between the mountains and every bit as concealed. 

I'm not the type to take pics of all the goodies I found, but trust me when I say that goodies were found! In the first two minutes, we were rummaging through an outdoor tent and I stumbled across a bottle of old Chanel No. 5! Good way to start the day. I'm telling you, you never know what you're going to stumble across..

...Like my Alaskan art!

It's no wonder who I got my shopping genes from..

Then came the search for food, as shopping can be exhausted. After being denied at our first stop, we came to the beautiful Princess Lodge across the river and had the most loveliest of lunches..

I sprang for the very Alaskan halibut tacos..

It was at this point that we got to looking at the wildlife..

I was looking for wildlife, but Alyeska claims she was looking for men.. Is that Dylan O'Brien there in the distance?

Bringing back the sixties... yet again. And I just gotta tell you, there is something I love so much about holding a ciggy. Granted, I don't smoke, nor will I ever! I guess it's related to that whole Fault in Our Stars metaphor about not giving the ciggys the power to kill you (lighting them). 


... And exhale. I think?

What I wore: light pink Aerie sunnies, lavender stone necklace, 1960's vintage hot pink shift dress with detailed bow (used), silver sparkly TED BAKER purse (used), and gray Nordstrom Rack shoes. 

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