Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bye Summer. Owl be Seeing You.

I was stepping outside of my car late last night, when I just stopped and took a look around. The light was gone, there was a faint brownish/lavender hue to the sky, it was misting rain, and it smelled insanely of fall. Damp, dewey, wet, decaying, but altogether intoxicating. 

This is probably why I love fall so much. Because as much as it's sad to see things die and settle down for the long cold winter (for winter is coming, as Jon Snow often recites), there is a definite beauty to the season. The colors, the smell, and that anticipation for the cold. I simply adore it. 

Plus, as far as clothing choices go, I finally get to don my fall colors and owl accessories for this sweater weather!

What I wore: vintage brown rhinestone earrings (used), mustard lace pleated ANTONIO MELANI dress (used), brown belt with gold owls (used), cream MILLY jacket w/ gold buttons (used), cute KATE SPADE owl purse (TJMaxx), and brown MIZ MOOZ ankle booties (sale). 

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