Sunday, September 20, 2015

Floatin' in Fall.

Dad and I were driving to Anchorage just last week, when I asked him if he had ever floated the Kenai River. We were driving through Cooper Landing, one of the most scenic and twisty drives cut through the mountains , when the question surfaced.

Naturally, he had floated before. And soon following, he asked if I should like to drift this weekend. Heck yeah!

So yesterday, Mom, Dad, and myself trucked it down there, dropped the boat off into the water and sailed away.

Just for clarification, drifting is different from boating in the sense that there's no motor. Just the pure power of the current and strong rowing arms to propel you forward down the Kenai.

Into the mountain pass we go...

Let the passage begin..

Dad still manages to photobomb, even if it's just with an oar. 

I couldn't get over the contrast of white powdered top mountains, rich fall trees, and beautiful blue river water..

Dad soon had me give rowing a shot. Let me tell you, tis much harder than it looks! It takes a lot of whole body muscle, concentration, and lots of practice!

Next, Mom gave it a shot. We probably ended up going in more zig zag circles than anything...

Dad... always so photogenic. 

Kicking back and relaxing..

There was literally not one spot that wasn't scenic. You look forward, sideways, and backwards and you get phenomenal views. 

We weren't long into the trip before we got hungry, so we stopped at this little beach for a bite. 

And lunch was waiting for us!

Dad and I staked our claim.

Unfortunately, the sun liked going in and out, and went it went behind the clouds, we were cold. 

But when it came back out again.. Smiles all around.

We did get into some rather intense white water rapids, but Dad handled it expertly!

Dad proved to be my camera's favorite subject of the day.

During our trip, we made a turn into some shallow waters, where we spotted vibrant red spawning salmon slowly swimming below the surface. 

One final view!

And at the end of our trip, we were just hopping into the truck when it began to rain out of sunny skies! Perfect timing, if I do say so myself. 

Since I was chilled to the bone from a day spent in forty degree fall weather, I stopped at Kaladis for a Market Spice London Fog, a tea drink I highly recommend. 

And a bath. That helps too. 

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday here in Alaska!