Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Favorites.

As I pack up and enjoy my last week I have here in Alaska, I'm starting to notice the little things that I love about fall. 

It is my favorite season after all and as my departure date looms closer, I'm keeping a positive attitude about this new change in my life. Asides from looking about and thinking "this is the last time I'll eat here" or "four days left to sleep in my bed" , I'm fondly looking at all that's around me and celebrating what I've been blessed with.

Fall Favorite #1- Coffee. I know, I know, I go on and on about this, but when fall comes round, it brings about a whole new flavor spectrum for coffees. 

See what I mean?

Fall Favorite #2- Harvest time. As the garden comes to a close, the goods start to come out. Here, Dad poses with the rich variety of garden goods- potatoes and carrots. 

Fall Favorite #3- The views. When I get to wake up and look outside at this every morning? Man. 

Fall Favorite #4- Autumn tunes. Here are just a few of my faves. 

Fall Favorite #5- Sweaters. So much better than bikini season, sweaters are so cozy and warm, and I love bringing them out of their summer hibernation!

I also got a new haircut and boy do I feel like a million bucks!

What I wore: purple multi-strand necklace (used), purple PRANA cowl neck sweater, lavender ODILLE velour skirt (used), black SMARTWOOL tights, and black HUNTER rain boots. 

Fall Favorite #6- Moose mating season. Fall is the time of year when moose like to mate, and currently, we have a family of moose here in the subdivision. Well, when the bucks court the females, they basically moan very loudly and the females respond in a similar, but different moan. Although it wakes me up at two in the morning, I'm so so happy to have a moose family in the neighborhood!

I moose say: I'm ready for this moose mating season. 

But before I sign off, I moose have a kiss goodnight! xx

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