Sunday, September 6, 2015

Summit Lake Trail, Alaska.

Today, we got a full taste of fall. Not one week ago, we were driving on the way to Anchorage and there was no sign of fall. Trees were still green, and things still seemed summer. Today? Fall had arrived. 

And this is the thing about Alaska- one day it's summer, and the next, it's fall. And fall unfortunately doesn't last very long.. maybe two weeks at most, and so we've got to enjoy it while it's here in all its glory!

Well how else to enjoy fall's beauty than a hike in the woods? Today, we chanced it up at the Summit Lake Trail, joined by our dear friends Joni and Shelby and some other fellow hikers. And although the day proved to be the stereotypical wet fall day, it was ever so beautiful.

Here we go!

I could not get over the color, especially from the fireweed. 

Greens, browns, reds, whites, greens.. Alaska has it all! And the air smelled of wet leaves... 

Naturally, I chose to be the caboose this time round to take my fill of pictures!

The higher up we went, the spoopier it got. The mist intensified and it was so mysterious!

The vibrancy of something dying.. and it's still so beautiful!

Once we arrived at the top, I was leaning down to take some photos of the red against green, and looking closer, I found.. croberries!

Just take a look at that!

So we stayed and picked. 

Finally, things were getting chilly, and we decided to head back. George here below, looked ever so the part. 

Because of a job well done, we decided to celebrate with lunch at this roadside restaurant nestled in Cooper Landing. 

Entre vous..

Only in Alaska..

It had a very Alaskan feel to the place. 

Lunch was super tasty. We started with this cream cheese/fig/veggie/garlic baguette appetizer..

Anton then prepared for his bleu burger consumption..

Mom and her colorful tacos..

And I for the warm spicy chicken pot pie. 

Even the bathroom was Alaskan!

Later in the evening, I was on the way down the stairs for pie when I saw Fudge looking outside on the stairwell. So I sat and asked her what she was looking at, and there on the lawn wobbled a porcupine. 

Dad and I followed suit and captured as much as we could (unfortunately on a phone and not a camera), laughing and reveling in the awesomeness that is Alaska and its wildlife and nature. 

Good eye Fudge! Bravo. 

Finally dessert! And is there really anything better than fresh croberries from the ground to our plates? 

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