Saturday, September 5, 2015

To all my Single Ladies:

I've always been the single lady. From middle school, through high school, and finally in the midst of college, I continue to remain single. 

I've watched my childhood friends get pregnant, married, happily living with their boyfriends, and I continue to spend my nights cuddling with my cat and finding more TV series' to watch. 

Is it lonely? Is it sad? Yes, slightly so. I was born a hopeless romantic and so naturally, I'm a sucker for romance. I long to be the subject of an Ed Sheeran song, or to wake up thinking about him, or going on cheesey-poo dates.

 But I also know that I'm willing to wait, and as I'm going through school, I realize that I have a passion, and I that I will be successful. And according to my most recent fortune, the road to success is often lonely.

Not quite the encouragement I was looking for, right? Kinda depressing, to be honest. But just because that's what it says, does not make it so. 

Ladies, it's okay to be single. It's okay to take some time to discover yourself, to delve deeper into your soul, and to learn to love yourself first. We do not need a man to "complete" us. 


If you're single right now, celebrate it! Celebrate you. 


But don't swear off love or relationships. As much as I'm all for girl power, I'm a sucker for that romantic stuff and of course I can't wait to find my Prince Charming someday. As my mom says to me often: grow where God plants you. If you're single right now, don't go looking for a man, for that often doesn't work. Wait it out and love will hit you when you least expect it. 

But while you're waiting, enjoy the company of someone (or something). For me, it's Louis. 

I'll see you somewhere up ahead, future husband. 

What I wore: vintage gold and rhinestone necklace (used), striped A&F navy and white crop top (used), vintage mustard pleated skirt (used), classic LOUIS VUITTON bucket bag (used), and brown BCBG ankle booties (used). 

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