Monday, August 29, 2016

Twenty-One Years.

I've been thinking about this day for a couple of years now. Mind you, I've been drinking for quite some time, delicately and in the company of my family, of course, but I've always had speculations as to how I would celebrate my twenty-first.

First, there were dreams of Mexico. Even though you can drink there at a much younger age, I had plans of having an adult drink in the adult pool, surrounded by palm trees and with the sound of the ocean ahead of me.

Then there was the whole college expectation. You get wasted. You go out, pound 'em out, get very drunk, and forget what even happened.

But underneath all of the stories and recommendations as to how I should celebrate, I had my own agenda. I knew that the best way to spend it would be how I like to celebrate any momentous occasion: fine dining and the bubbly. I could always picture myself at a fancy spot, vintage dress on and rhinestones shining brightly. It's not that I refused to celebrate any other way (last night was proof enough of that!), it's just that with that constant idea in my head, it eventually turned itself into a reality. Power of thinking!

So today, sitting by myself and catching up on some much needed catching up, I began researching  where I wanted to go out. The others were out enjoying Carnival and were unsure as to whether they would be up to going out later, but luckily, I got a new roommate and we hit it off right away. Same food in our shopping carts, both with love of Kate Spade, and both from the West Coast, my new friend and I booked a reservation and headed out to Soho for a birthday dinner.

Sketch, ladies and gentlemen. Being the gal who fancies things on the formal side, I chose to go to the most Instagrammed restaurant in all of London. Situated in Soho, this pink room offers an atmosphere like no other. With delightfully handsome gentlemen taking care of us, we had quite the celebratory evening indeed...

Glasses of bubbly for the table! 

Even though it just looks like regular risotto, do not be fooled. A Parmesan risotto, this had limoncello and roasted apricots that made it to die for...

And did I mention that the loos were actually in egg pods? Wickedest thing ever. 

And of course, sweets to treat. 

Technically, it's not because I've reached the bottom of my espresso cup.

What a memorable birthday. 

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