Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Classic Colors.

So it's been a bit, has it not? I did have a smashing time this last week with my best friend visiting and all and so that's where I've been occupied. It seems that summer is flying by at the speed of light and here up north, the light outside barely gets dark. It is also that time of year in which people right and left have been asking me about colleges. Where do I want to go? What majors am I looking at? And I know it's the universal question for senior year, but I can't help feeling a snad annoyed at responding: "Um... About that.. Yeah, haven't really got a clue about what to do or where to go." I can barely decide if I want caramel or English toffee in my latte and now I have to decide the biggest decision in my high school career?! I keep thinking back to one of my favorite you-tubers video by Dan Howell on danisnotonfire (follow!). The ultimate question of what to do in my life. But you know, I'll play it cool and tell people honestly that I am undecided and leave it at that. On the bright side, I got some information from FIDM in California so that may be worth looking into. 
To catch one up to date, I leave for France next week and am kind of excited. Actually, I'm stoked beyond belief! Outfit planning is the greatest and to get in the mood for ole Paris, I'm definitely dressing my best for one of the most stylish places on the planet. 

What I wore: vintage black 40's style dress (used), vintage gold belt (used), and vintage red Salvatore Ferragamo shoes (used). 

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