Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Feeling Fro Fresh.

During most of my life, I've had long hair. In fact, I can hardly remember a time in which my hair wasn't above my shoulders! Most of this was due to my modeling agent's encouragements to keep it long and natural ( that didn't end up working. Other agents hardly ever commented on my hair), and my mom. Yep. So for a huge portion of my life, I have sufferered through endless mornings staring into the mirror trying to figure out how to stylishly style my over one foot long mane. Most of the time, I threw it into a bun because it was the easiest and quickest solution. I called it "big bun hair. " Well, that soon got old and I came to the realization that my hair actually looked stunning when down and styled correctly. Flat ironing took bloody forever and so I discovered crimping; however, it was done my way. Every Sunday, I would spend an hour or so and braid about 16 little braids in my wet hair, sleep on them, and then out they came in the morning. Total crimp action going on, let me tell you! I felt very rocking on those Monday mornings when I saw the natural finish to my creation. Now I know that hair can be a real pain to any girl, but I've learned that one has to appreciate what they are given and to work with why they have. In my situation at that time, I used my length and thickness, and with my shorter hair now, I'm discovering new methods to play with, forever evolving my hairstyles. Harry Styles. 😉

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