Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Oh the only day this year in which I can proudly say MERCA. Is that a fad, or?? Where did it even come from? That's what I want to know. Well anyways, what more fitting town to celebrate the Fourth than in humble town Custer. We had old fashioned ladies and gents walking about, red, white, and blue colors every corner one looked, and your good ole GOD BLESS MERCA. It's everywhere. And it seems that no matter how many sunny days in a row I have leading up to the forth, it rains on the actual holiday. Just my luck, yea? But it's no bother, really. So our special celebration today included a lovely train ride, pie, and then some rocking fireworks at the end that truly summed up the day. And I am proud to be an American!

If Gene Kelly can rock the rain..

Ginger beer. IT IS NON ALCOHOLIC. 

Just your run of the mill MERCA colors. 

What I wore: gold firecracker earrings, COSETTE top (used), vintage LEVI shorts (used) and vintage COACH purse (used). 

My brother and I officially got photo bombed by one of the train workers. Dude, he knew Star Wars quotes. Dreamy...

And then the psych fireworks that stopped (presumably for an intermission), then the finale that rocked. 

Good ole American pie. 

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