Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation Destination- Day 7

It seems to be the end of my trip. Why must they always end? But it didn't end without a bang. It seems that there was a pattern with all of my meals and nom noms in between.. A pattern of sweetness. Yes. It's like He knew it was the end, and decided to bless my family with sweets on top to signify the sweet finish of our chocolate cake vacation. If that's how every vacation ends... Hopefully it saves the bittersweet tears from falling!

First, I begin the morning with a post workout hot chocolate. 

Next comes lunch and a divine Monte Cristo Sammy. 

And please let us not forget the dessert..German white chocolate mousse. 

Afternoon pick me up includes a homemade chokecherry latte that was to die for. 

My plane ensemble. 

What I wore: navy vintage hat (used that my cousin insisted I buy.. He turned out to have good taste because not only do I love it, but strangers as well), a neon LUSH top, a navy J CREW cardigan (used), a turquoise vintage necklace (used), a pleated ashen BOBEAU maxi skirt (used), and sparkly TOMS. 

*sorry again about the awkward bathroom photos. 

And the best finish of the night, a ding dong cake. Mmmmm good. 

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