Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gingham Style.

'Eyyy sexy lady! Oh such good times whenever I think of that crazy song. Take it back junior year, shy small town Alaskan girl at this gigantic football game and all of a sudden, the young high schoolers all dance in unison to this funky song. I remember laughing and being so confused at this strange lower 48 behavior!

Anyhow, little flashback memory there. I'm still in the throes of an intense homework filled week, plus finally recovering from travel (since I do it SO often ;)), but any distraction, like dressing up, is welcome. 

Today, it was all about mixing together a little Chanel inspired jacket, some old fashioned gingham, and maybe even some spikes. Whoompa gangham style.

What I wore: metallic spiky necklace (N-Rack), red and white gingham men's top (used from Paris), a black and white CAbi cardigan (used), black CAbi tuxedo skinny jeans (used), and black RALPH LAUREN flats (used). 

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