Monday, April 21, 2014

Over the Moon to be Home.

Home at long last!

My goodness it has been a bit, has it not? I myself just returned from a most glourious vacation in the U.K. London, England, to be more precise. I just don't see how one can make time to post when on vacation and so here I am!

I came home late last night from a grueling 24 hours of traveling and so of course my sleep system is completely bonkers (England is nine hours ahead), I have the unruly task of unpacking (how did I manage to buy so much stuff?), and then I can't believe it, but graduation is coming up next month and so schoolwork to boot! Ah remember the days where I was complaining of boredom? It seems that time has passed and I now have plenty to keep busy!

It's going to take me a bit of time to sort things out, and I cannot wait to tell you about my adventures abroad and so you can bet your buns that I will be sharing my highlights come every Thursday on Throwback Thursday. Yes yes. (That is, if  I can tear myself away from the apparent spring-time sunshine currently happening outside).

All in all, I really enjoyed myself and was truly inspired (traveling does that), but I am glad to be home at long last. In fact, I may have hugged my house. Hey, what can I say? Home is where the heart is.

What I wore: my dad's chambray shirt (used, obviously!), a gray ENGLISH TEE SHOP t-shirt (yes, purchased in England!), coral JESSICA SIMPSON skinny jeans (sale), and pink and mint cheetah trainers (N-Rack).

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