Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One Never Knows What One Might Find..

It was an innocent enough day to start. My mum and I had an opening for a day trip to Anchorage and so we donned our attire and away we went. 

'Twas a lovely day too. The sun shone, the wind was out, spring was in the air, and we had bunches of consignment stores to visit. Just another typical April day, yes? Well you know how consignment stores are- like Rick on Pawn Stars says "You never know what is gonna walk through those doors." In my situation, it was "You never know what treasure you're going to stumble upon." And today, I stumbled upon a big one.

I finally got to see, with my very own eyes, a pair of hand jeweled Swarovski encrusted classic Christian Louboutin pumps. I think I know the term "Cinderella Slippers" because I was just stunned into silence and awe. 

These were by far the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen. Of course, I've seen loads of photos in magazines and on celebrities and I've only just dreamed of these rare creations, but to actually hold them in one's hand after so long.. I know it sounds silly, but I was just in heaven! They were so delicate, so detailed, so shiny and pretty, and unfortunately in a size eight. 

THANK GOODNESS. If they were my size, and they fit like a glove, I would simply have to have them and I'm only eighteen and they are still $2400 so you can only imagine the slight dilemma I was in. 

Truly though, I would've bought them just because. I can't even. Words cannot describe how stunning these feminine shoes were. And of course someday I would love to own my very own pair (that is, if they come in a whopping size 11), but for now, admiration will have to do. And that's fine! I think being able to hold them in my hand is good enough.

What the grand part about all of this is, they were in a consignment store. I just cannot imagine how anyone would ever want to part with these treasures, but good for me being able to see and hold them, yes? Like I said, that's the gift of consignment and used shopping- you seriously never know what you're going to come across. 

What I Wore: pink AERIE sunnies, assortment of necklaces (the spike once more!), pink GAP tank (sale), AE army green cargo jacket (used), vintage Molly Ringwald inspired floral skirt (used), and brown BCBG ankle boots (used).

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