Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Introspective Thinking.

I'm in that very introspective mood today. Often times, I get more introspective and deep at particular times. For instance, when I'm trying to fall asleep, or perhaps it's when I want to escape a certain situation I'm presently in. I get all deep and I disappear into my mind.

It's fascinating how incredible our minds are. To explore them.. t'would be dangerous yet enticing territory. But I'll save you the trouble today from entering the mazes and the intricacies of my thought processes and instead share with you one particular thought I have already picked out.

So I went to church this past Sunday at Free Chapel, and I gotta say, it was lovely. The subject talked about was contentment. Now being content is all fine and dandy, yes? Well in this case, it was brought up alongside the fact that we, as human beings, have such incredible capabilities, that we sometimes fall short of what we're really capable of. We lose that passion, that drive, that perseverance that gets us farther in life and instead, settle for contentment. We're made for so much, a single human being. Truly, we have the power to walk on the moon, or dive hundreds of feet with one breath, or to walk after an accident after being told it could never happen again. The human psyche is incredibly powerful and strong, so why should we settle for less than what we're made of?

Personally, I''ve been down this road.We probably all have. But that doesn't mean we have to stop, build a log house and settle. It means you gotta push farther, for there's always more.

Kind of cheesy, but I'm a sucker for Pinterest quotes..

So that's me on not settling for less than what we're made of. It was quite an eye-opening morning for me and it sure taught me a good lesson. 

Want to know what I look like when I have my introspective game face on? Or when I'm in the zone and writing in my very dear journal? Well here you go!

P.s. And lots of my skirt. I just love my skirt.

Here is me trying to be be all serious and deep.. Yeah, I think I mostly enjoyed taking selfies, for I actually haven't done that in awhile.. 'Cept for Halloween..

I do care if the world knows what my secrets are.. Sorry Mary Lambert.

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