Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Song for Sunday- The Walk & Changing of the Seasons.

Ok, so I have been listening to Songza's "Pop Kiss-Offs" for the past couple of weeks and I am just loving it. It's basically a breakup playlist, playing everything form Taylor Swift to Lily Allen, to Maroon 5, to Amy Winehouse. Instead of the sappy sort, it's an upbeat moving on sort of playlist, full of songs to pump you up and get those sad thoughts and turn them round into a whatever moving on kind of attitude.

Now, I haven't recently broken up with anyone; in fact, I've never had the chance to meet someone and break up, but that doesn't mean that I can't listen to breakup songs! This playlist especially is full of empowering self-boosters, and I am all about that.

So, the first on the list for today is sung by Mayer Hawthorne featuring the Rizzle Kicks, The Walk. 

Oh it is just perfect. It's got a good beat, that sweet rapping done by the Rizzle Kicks, and then the jazzy chorus of Mayer Hawthorne.

It makes me want to walk the walk. Seriously. It's just such an upbeat get out of my life sort of song.

"...Baby,, what you're dong now you're pissin' me off
Uhh but your hair is so luxurious and your lips are so soft uuh
Anyway you slice it uh, you're doing me wrong
But I love the way you walk now and your legs are so long.

Well your looks had me putty in your hand now
But I took just as much as I can stand now

And you can walk your long legs baby right out of my life
So long you did me wrong
Yeah you can walk your long legs baby right out of my life
So long you did me wrong..."

The second song of choice came from the same genius playlist and that would be Two Door Cinema Club's Changing of the Seasons. Now this one certainly isn't as rude as the last one (how would you describe The Walk? I'm thinking pushy or like manipulative, maybe?) 

This one hooks me right from the start. Catchy, pumping, uplifting and positive. And I think it's really unique how they tied in "changing of the seasons" with breaking up or moving on. Reminds me of 500 Days of Summer. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. 

I just love this one. 

"...And when you say you won't forget me
Well I can tell you that's untrue
'Cause every day since you left me
I've thought less and less of you

And I've worn out all the reasons
To keep on knocking at your door
Could be the changing of the seasons
But I don't love you anymore..."

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