Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Song for Sunday- Close Your Eyes.

Meghan Trainor is probably my new favourite artist.

She is everything I love- her music is upbeat, quirky, feminine, positive, and dance able. So her new EP Title just came out and I am loving every minute of it. This particular song though, caught my eye. Or ear. Or maybe both??

Close Your Eyes is a slower song, but still upbeat. It's the perfect song for swaying to and imaginary singing to in front of the mirror, which we all need. Her voice is just really feminine and pretty, with this jazzy kind of lilt to it. Not to mention, the harmonies and "ba ba ba you're beautiful's" are perfect additions, and the message is positive and uplifting.

It's a message about believing in yourself and the beautiful person you are and I don't think there can ever be too many songs about that. With social medias and unrealistic body images thrown at us from every street corner, the persuasions that you're not beautiful are everywhere, and this song is the perfect encouragement for self-confidence. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, it's your belief in yourself that makes you beautiful. We don't need assurances from anyone else, just you.

"...So I want you to close your eyes
Sing to the world tonight
And show them what's beautiful
I don't care what they think
No, I'm not listening
'Cause I know I'm beautiful
So close your eyes

Everybody's born to be different
That's the one thing that makes us the same
So don't you let them words try to change you
Don't let them make you into something you ain't..." 

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