Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Fangirl For a Day.

It was just this last Sunday that I had one of the best days.

Totally unexpected, but things just kept coming and it turned out to be quite a memorable one. 

So in my recent days, I have slowly been edging away from social medias. This is in part due to the addiction one can get into when focusing so much of ones energy in an unrealistic cyber world. I'm the old fashioned gal who prefers things to the touch, and interaction via face than over a keyboard, like I'm doing now. Ha. This is an exception though! Anyhow, it was during one of my rare browses through my Twitter news feed that I saw that one of my new favorite groups, The Vamps, were in LA for a little show. So I got one of my roomies to join me, and away we went.

The drive went well- we talked a lot about Harry Styles because Haley (my roomie) plans on marrying him. 'twas quite entertaining! Anyhow, we soon came across parking and then the venue, the Lucky Strikes Hollywood bowling alley. Now since we were early, we had to wait, along with the two hundred plus other fans lining the street on Hollywood Boulevard. 

But that wasn't the memorable part. So I guess you could call Haley an expert in concert and celebrity stalking and so instead of going to the back of the line, Haley just casually jumped in the middle. Naturally I was freaking out, like, hello we were cutting all these people who had been waiting before us, and then we had a couple waiters actually come up and inquire as to see if we cut cause some of the line "were talking." I would've apologized and gotten out of line then and there, but Haley expertly told them we were were with the mom and daughter group in front of us. Luckily, they played along and we kept our places. Whew! We actually ended up switching phone numbers and making new friends with these guys. You should see this girl! She has loads of photos with 5SOS and I just don't know how this is such a successful, lucrative, and not to mention bizarre lifestyle! 

Anyhow, let's just say there was much waiting and observation. We bought our Meet the Vamps CD, then finally, were led indoors to get 'em signed! 

Gosh it went quick. Prolly under thirty seconds spent in front of these lads. We were herded in there like cattle and just as quickly as we went up, we were leaving, signed CD's in hand. It was lovely though, however short. I first approached Connor, then Tristan, then finally Brad (for James was out sick), and instead of ignoring the faculty around me and taking an illegal selfie (can you imagine how awkward that angle would be anyway?), I decided to make eye contact and say hello (much more appropriate, in my opinion).

We were then escorted up to the club area where the acoustic session took place. This was just a blast. There were maybe one hundred girls there, I was right up close with Haley, and was singing along to all of their catchy tunes (some of my new favourites being Last Night, Cecilia, and Girls on TV), admiring Brad's way with the crowd and their ability to actually sing well live. I had an absolute blast.

When that exciting event had passed, Haley and I took a drive through the beautiful and expensive area of the Beverly Hills. What a stunner up there! Now I can see where the LA area gets its appeal from, my word.

And to tie in the evening, I play the creeper. This was all Haley's idea, truly, and I mostly went along because of the prospect of fine dining (you know I can't resist me some of that). We ended up having the most exquisite meal at the Mondrian Hotel, also conveniently the same hotel in which 5SOS was staying at. But we didn't know that! Or did we? ;)

Anyhoo, we dined as slow as we could, you know, taking in the scenery and all that, but also keeping a lookout for these rocking Australian boys. Alas, we didn't see them, but that was probably for the better for I would've felt incredibly creepy like hey been waiting here for five hours so I could get a selfie with you.. yeah. See? Not my style. But I had fun playing a fangirl and experiencing the life of a hard core fan girl (and there are LOADS in the LA area, let me tell you). Would I do it again? Ehhh don't think so.

So sorry I went on a rant up there, I just had such a lovely day and I wanted to share it all with you! Cheers, as them Brits say.

Pre-show selfie, done right!

Ah my loves. They were darling.

Wee bit of a Hollywood sign in the distance there, you see?

"Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be!"

I'm sure Haley was hoping that this could be her and either 1) Harry Styles or 2) Michael Clifford. Myself? I'm content with whomever is the one. 

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