Thursday, November 13, 2014

Innovative Materials Conference @ FIDM.

So it was during my 20th Century Designers class that we took a trip down the hall to this conference that was taking place in one of the classrooms at the OC FIDM campus. With Andre Courreges and YSL fresh on our minds, we were taken into this room full of this incredible new and innovative materials that were fresh on the market.

Astounding. I was in seventh heaven. I'm not even a textile major, or design major for that matter, but all of these crafts relate to each other and interest me! My goodness, you would not believe the imaginations and brains behind such innovative people. The variety and amount of new textiles out there today, and where they come from is a complete mind blower. So come with me as I share these amazing new textiles, and hopefully you'll feel the same way that I do! 

Apologies for the camera. I only had my iPhone with me!

Below is a super reflective jacket taken with a flash. Just check out them apples.

Here, I stand next to my new winter jacket. I WISH! This furry jacket has built in LED lights, giving it a colorful lighted effect. Genius!

This here was by far my favourite innovation. It's an apron made out of old cassette tape film (remember those from back in the day) woven together with cotton. Here, I have a cassette player, and if you slowly move it down the apron, you can hear remnants of songs off these films. It's astounding. 

This jacket was most popular with my age group, for it has cellphone charging pockets. 

Below are materials made out of the top layer of fermenting wine. 

This here jacket is just the same, but made out of fermented tea. 

Creations out of a 3D printer. Pretty soon, they're gonna be able to create skin. Imagine that!

This is a photograph printed onto a dress.. something I'm very much interested in. 

This chevron dress is made out of recycled plastic. Adorbs!

Ahh also one of my favorites. I like this shirt a latte. Can you guess why? It's made out of recycled coffee grounds!

A cardigan made out of milk proteins..

Tiles made out of recycled skateboards..

Tops made out of hemp..

And lastly, pants made out of recycled beer bottles.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I did!

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