Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heel High.

Today turned out to be a swell one.

Yesterday, I had been struggling with boredom. I'm talking naps to pass the time, multiple episodes of Mad Men and Justified, trying on all of my clothes, sitting on the counter top disappearing into The 1975, and contemplating what I could possibly do to pass the weekends by.

A job. Simple as that. Make some money, get some retail experience, and be out of the apartment and with people. So I put a word out there to a couple of possibilities, and then today, Jordan and I had some unexpected surprises.

So we're currently working on a Case Study for a particular company in our Merchandising Strategies class. Our job is to go into said store (Abercrombie&Fitch) and check out their store. I was feeling particularly confident today and wore my six inch heels, as well as getting Jordan to do the same. There were heads-a-turnin' in the mall, let me tell you!

Anyhow, we weren't two minutes into our browsing, when we were approached by the saleslady asking if we were interested in a possible job. Completely out of the blue, but we were more than happy to hear what she had to say. We got her contact info and were told we would be contacted in the next few days about a possible job, and looking at the card she gave us, it said something about working your way up the Abercrombie ladder and possibly becoming one of their models. Whoa! A chance to be in a job, and to possibly model? Jordan and I were giddy beyond belief.

With our spirits lifted, we got coffees, and continued to walk round the plaza. I made a stop into my favorite store, Ted Baker, asked about possible hiring there, and got good feedback to bring in a resume. Things were really perking up!

I'm telling you: heels boosted my confidence. Going from 6ft2" to 6ft8" really made me positively empowered. I felt confident and strong, and I don't understand why I don't wear heels every day!

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes
and she can conquer the world.."

Model material right there!

Sun came out and shades went on!

Yes, the temperature is quite nice up here, thanks for asking. 

What I wore: LIA SOPHIA chandelier necklace (used), black CAbi wrap top, high waisted polka dotted SUGARHILL shorts (used), black cutout socks, and nude STEVE MADDEN pumps (used). 

Speaking of shoes, I am currently obsessed with everything Charlotte Olympia.. 

ESPECIALLY the cat shoes.

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