Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little Things on a Rainy Day.

As the rain let itself well known yesterday, I had time to discover some of the few things I love about rainy days. 

It's all about attitude. Learn to dance in the rain. It's about taking something seemingly dreary, and finding the sunny side. 

My first rain brightener was coffee. What else? I work in a coffee shop and there's just something so cozy about being inside when the rain falls.. Espresso machine humming and the low din of chatter amongst happy customers. It's the perfect place to be. 

Outfit of the day today was worn in hopes of blue sky and sunshine. And guess what? We got it! 

And just to be clear, because this is a vintage dress, it has darts in the bubby area. Bras back then were pointed and so dresses matched.  It's not nips! 

What I wore: vintage rhinestone earrings (used), vintage 1969's royal blue dress (used), and black HUNTER rain boots (used). 

Second favorite place to be in on a rainy day is in the bathtub. And I'm talking about full spa treatment here: candles, bubbles, some Frank Sinatra, and of course, wine. 

Snuggles in bubbles definitely relieve all my troubles...

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