Friday, June 21, 2013

Cinnamon Toast Special.

So working at a coffee shop definitely has its benefits, especially to someone like me who simply lives for a cup of Joe. One if those benefits is trying all the different coffee concoctions in the book and then some. One of my specialties is what is called a Cinnamon Toast Latte that one of my coworkers came up with. I'll share it with you because hey, let's spread the love. 

First off, start off with some all natural vanilla syrup and cinnamon powder mixed. It's also good if one mixes the cinnamon in the shot as well. 

Next, we want to steam some cinnamon in with the milk. 

When the milk has been steamed to around 145 degrees, set aside and get the shots done. 

When the shots are done (17 to 29, I prefer), pour them into the syrup and cinnamon and mix. 

When that is finished, slowly pour the milk in the center of the espresso so nothing is rushed. Take your time on this one. 

After everything is poured, grab one packet of Sugar in the Raw and slowly sprinkle on top, creating the sugar crust finish.  

And that, ladies and gents, is how one goes about making a Cinnamon Toast Latte! Enjoy. Bon appetite. 

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