Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday- BRAVE.

So there will be a time and a place for me to go on and on about the incredible week I had once upon a time here this year, so for this particular post, I'll just share one little tidbit that still makes me smile to this day. So for some brief history, we had British soccer players at our house for a tournament and for some encouragement, my best friend and I promised that we would jump in the pool if they won their next game. For those of you who wouldn't guess this, pool water in February, even though its Arizona, is VERY cold. I'm talking chilled to the bone here. So it would be a big deal for us, yeah? Well it must've been good enough inspiration for they won their game. To the surprise of the boys, my friend and I kept to our word and jumped in the frigid waters. It took our breath away. Not EVEN joking. And the one response we got, the one that stood out for us besides the whole "You guys kept to your word, I didn't think you'd actually do it," jazz, was the one thing that made my life. One of the boys told us "You've got some major balls. " And out of all the things that guys have said to me in the past, that is by far the best compliment I have ever received from a guy. 

Here, my best friend and I shiver after taking a plunge in Alaska worthy cold waters. In the end though, totally worth it. 

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