Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stylish at Work.

So the job that I currently work at, which you've probably guessed is as a coffee barista, requires us to wear dark clothing. Very.. Traditional. Totally understandable because making coffees can sometimes be messy. You know, there's milk splatters, smoothie stains, coffee drips, and whipp cream is found in places I least expect it. Well currently, I have been seeing a lot of stylish employees as of late. Now normally, I would love this, but the rule follower side of me creeps in and is a bit confused and bummed. As much as I want to don all my cute clothes and feel even that much prettier when the cute tourists come in ( we did have Ashton Kutcher stop by, so one never knows), I know that I would much rather be a good example and follow the rules, as much ad it kills me to see high lows and dresses being worn. But still, that doesn't stop me from wearing at least some cute articles of clothing!

What I wore: my sisters teal headband, a GAP oatmeal tank, and a neon striped J Crew cardigan (used). 

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