Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Flower Child.

I am indeed returning back to London.

Today will be about flowers, because..

And I like laughter. I do. My belief is that it is the best calorie burner, Audrey once said. 

Anyhow, I had no idea that the weather would be as fantastic as it was in those weeks that I was there. Instead of my initial thought of "London Fog" and rainy days, it was pleasantly sunny and beautiful every day. Spring has sprung!

Spring has yet to arrive in Alaska as far as greenery and flowering plants go, and so I was a little girl again, staring up at the beautiful trees and admiring the beauty of nature. But particularly, the flowers.

There were pink flowers, there were white flowers, and most of them blossoming up on the trees, just canopying the streets. And let's not forget the parks as well!

Here are some photos taken from various days of enjoyment in the flowering city of London.

Here, Caroline and I take a break from shopping in beautiful St. James's Park (I think? There were so many parks..)

Tree pose in.. a tree. 

Here, I stopped from the hustle of the London Marathon for some calm.

Wouldn't mind getting lost if the places I got lost in looked like this..

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