Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Song For Sunday- Do I Wanna Know?

Arctic Monkeys.. they are my all time new favorite artist right now.

Yes, part of the reason is the release of their new album AM, but man do they have some sound.

My music selection has slowly been getting a bit more rockish, mostly due to the fact that sometimes, I just need music that isn't painfully slow and depressing. Not to say that that slow music is rubbish, I just want more variety in my tunes, ya follah?

Anyhow, I started listening to them way back in October and have been slowly growing to like them even more. I purchased this new album along with a couple of others (XX and ALT J) and feel like a total.. bad-ass when I sit down with my cans and let the sounds take over. It's not necessarily anger music, but it does have this rough around the edges/chill aspect to it that I really do enjoy.

This particular song, the first one listed on their album, has always kind of been my favorite. Being one of the more popular ones, I'm not just following society's opinion on the song, for I also enjoy R U Mine, Arabella, I Wanna Be Yours, and Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Basically the whole album there. Yeah, I just think the whole album is mint.

I like the way the song starts, with the solid "bum bum" and then that eerie guitar, bringing this old rock vibe to it. Plus, the chorus is kind of parallel to some personal feelings I'm going through as well, and so the song really fits.

"Do I wanna know
if this feeling flows both ways?
Sad to see you go
Was sort of hoping that you'd stay
Baby we both know
That the nights were mainly
made for saying things
that you can't say tomorrow day

Crawlin' back to you
Ever thought of calling
when you've had a few
'Cause I always do
Maybe I'm too busy being yours
to fall for somebody new
Now I've thought it through
Crawlin' back you you.."

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