Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beachy Days.

So with my new schedule in school, I now have Tuesdays off.

Kind of nice, considering it's like a mid week break. And with that free time in mind, as well as a look at the clouds, I decided that it would be a nice day to head to the beach.

Now as you know, I'm not a one for crowds, so I thought it to be the most perfect opportunity to hit up the beach- mid week, mid day, and "chilly weather" for them Californians. Yes, the Alaskan in me was right at home in those clouds. And the sun ended up coming out later, so it was perfect all around!

We began as any old beach story would go, with a walk.

Well we weren't walking long before we stumbled across this little cave in the cliff-side.

And you can even go through the hole!

It was a miracle I managed to get my wide load to fit!

But it did!

Coming back was a struggle..

But I made it!

Oh I felt like I was a child again, finding hiding spots in the rocks..

We then continued our journey through the rocks, where I enjoyed the cruelty of Whitney's poor feet on the sharp ones..

I decided to be a good sport and wait for her.

And then we were on smooth sand again!

Up ahead, we spot our namesake, our home, our very own Casterly Rock.

The top had a wicked view.

And we claimed it as ours.

Although that house in the background looked pretty nice...

That is my kind of ocean.

It took Whitney a little getting used to, however. I think it was mainly the temperature that got her..

But she warmed up!

I was all ready to catch them waves...

Until it got my shorts a wee bit wet..


Them waves, brah.

So we're about to turn back right, and multiple things happen. First, a very attractive, tan, totally Californian dreadlocked surfer asks Whitney and I to help zip up his wet suit. Well I nearly jump out of my skin, because how many times does that get to happen in a lifetime, and then as we're standing there, a lifegaurd behind us asks us if we saw the whales. What whales?

These whales. And those other blips there in the ocean? My surfer there I helped zip up. Apparently, they're grey whales and it's extremely rare to see them this close to the beach. What luck we had, my goodness. 

After that what the whale moment, we then thought to do some dancer poses. Here, Whitney looks all glamorous and perfect. 

Even check out her landing!

And then I have to go, and like a goober I slide down.

Proper California surfer right there.

From a brief break, we came back and the SUN WAS OUT. 

Fly free, Whitney, fly free.

And we went right back up to Casterly Rock.

Hang loose, brah. Loving those California vibes.

Looking good there in the sunshine!

Life's a beach, and we are proper beach bums.

More wave time!

Ain't no match against me.

Yeah, so I march on in there, and the big waves decide to stop. So I have a little chat with them and..

Voila, they return!

Then there's this touch and go game we start playing. Listen to me, talking like the waves are alive, but my friend, I must insist, they are.

The best feeling right there..

Farewell Table Rock Beach..

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