Thursday, April 16, 2015

C'est Bon.

Life is good.

In fact, c'est bon bon bon.

We have officially completed the first week of my last quarter here at the Orange County FIDM campus, and I'm much too excited about all of my new classes.

I'm taking Consumer Behavior, Effective Speaking, Applied Trend Forecasting,Technology for Business Applications, Leadership Development, as well as Merchandise Math. Quite a full plate for my last quarter, but well worth it, I believe!

There's no doubt about it that spring is in the air, which means that for here, temps simply crawl a little bit higher than the average. I'm talking.. upper seventies to mid eighties. Can't really complain bout that! So you've probably noticed a lot of the past couple of posts have been outside; not to say that it was "cold" in the winter. ;)

Anyhow, with spring in the air and the countdown beginning for when I get to return home (!!!), I can definitely say that there is a new-found spring in my step. 

I love this montage of photos.

Starts all innocent, like hey look at me just reading a book out here in the sun!

Oh how the sun is too bright for my meek eyes to see.. gotta put on some shades!

Shades or non? 

Definitely shades.

Oh look, a camera pointed my way! 
*action where Elan loses her sophistication and returns to her naturally goofy self*

Oh me, oh my!

Let's try photos standing up!

And yet the question remains- shades or non?

Whitney: Elan make up your mind!
Elan: Stahhhhp pressuring me!

Shades win, always and forever.

Because life is nothing without a cat pin.

What I wore: mint circle NORDSTROM sunnies, white LIVE A LITTLE denim vest, striped coral and white J CREW C'est Bon tee (used), chunky flower bracelet (used), CAbi mint pencil skirt (used), and cheetah NIKE tennis shoes (N-Rack).

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