Monday, April 13, 2015

Our Own Kind of Coachella.

In case social media hasn't already alerted you about a bazillion times, or in my case, the fact that I go to a fashion school, Coachella Music Festival is upon us. 

That spring is in the air, wind blowing in your hair, music blasting over there feeling that comes this time every year, at Coachella.

I myself have never gone. I myself have no intention of ever going. There are just some things in life that aren't my cup of tea, and three day concerts with camping out and half naked hippies just isn't my thing. Mostly though, it's the crowds. I'm very much a solitary kind of person, much preferring a one on one, intimate concert vibe.

 Now that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the style pit that Coachella hosts every year! You've got every celebrity under the sun sporting their hottest hipster look, as well as creative individuals sporting out the very best of the seventies, and with the seventies trending right now, it makes Coachella that more influential, especially in the fashion industry.

And of course the music. I mean, they've got every artist under the sun performing, no pun intended. That, to be honest, would be a treat in itself, being able to watch such performances, and there being a lot of them too.

So today at school, my lovely friends and myself decided to sport our own kind of Coachella because both Whitney and Jordan someday want to attend, and I ain't about to stomp on someones goals! And I think it's cool they want to go, I like admiring it from a distance, that's all. 

So slip on them shades, throw a peace sign up, and let's get this concert on the road!

What I wore: rhinestone headband, white lace PRADA top (used), gold vintage bangles (used), vintage orange maxi skirt (used), and pale pink CHINESE LAUNDRY sandals (sale).

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