Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vacation Spot- San Francisco/ Fisherman's Wharf (Day 8)

Mom and I's day began as any normal day would begin. You know, a cup of hot coffee from the kind hotel staff, a brief walk down busy Union Square, and a cozy seat at the world famous Sears Restaurant. 

Breakfast for me was the popular stack of eighteen miniature Swedish pancakes, bacon, and more coffee! 

After the most hearty breakfast, Mum and I took a cable car down (or up?) to Fisherman's Wharf. Well now, that was an experience in itself! Of course I had always seen the movies, and the photographs, and paintings, but I myself have never had the pleasure of riding a cable car up and down the steep streets of San Francisco. And of course I had the prime spot at the very front of the car, leaning out on the poles as we whizzed down the road and onwards to the Wharf. 

I did the old fashioned selfie with an actual camera turned around, cause I'm just old-fashioned that way! The guy next to me though, he had a proper selfie stick.



Nothing like the wind blowing through your hair!

At the Lombard Road drop-off, loads of people hopped off, and Mom was able to move up front with me!

And to Fishermans Wharf we arrived.

We hadn't been walking long before I saw this familiar attraction! The first time I saw words similar to this was the London Dungeon in London, am attraction I readily attended and loved. Fright and history, some of my favorite things! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that San Franciso had their own dungeon, the very first USA one! 

Lets just say that both Mum and myself had a fantastic time! And the unbelievable thing was that there were only six other people in the group, as compared to the uber packed one in London. 

We then went next store to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and were greeted by the smiling face of Tony Bennett.

Kick back and relax..

My bud Al Capone and myself having a musical session. Us Italians gotta stick together.

What I didn't anticipate was that I would soon be joining him in jail..

Released by the Queen of England at last!

George and Abe.

Rosa Parks.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Steve Jobs and myself. Ironically, my brother thought he looked just like him.. I wonder why!

By far my favorite figures.. One Direction. Although they were wax, I felt their presence and I can only imagine what it's like meeting them in person! Sadly, I think this is the closest I'll ever come to meeting them..

Harry Styles and myself.

Niall and me.

Zayn.. gonna miss you.

Louis.. what a sweetheart!

And Liam, my birthday buddy!

I then went over to share a sing with Rihanna.

Myself and Madonna. VOGUE is still my all time favourite song to date.

Mom and the dashing Elvis Presley, who kindly signed an autograph for her. Ironically, my mom's mom saw Elvis live, back in the day. 

Adele: "I make music for the ears, not for the eyes."

MJ.. the king of pop, and an absolute icon.

Audrey Hepburn- how we had a fabulous breakfast at Tiffany's.

Alfred Hitchcock- Bates Motel for the evening, anyone?

Clint Eastwood- clocking in as being taller than me, I was quite entranced. Ironically, I've only seen his son (Scott) in person!

John Travolta- Pulp Fiction. 

Marilyn Monroe- who taught me that diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Mom had quite a fright coming out of Jurassic Park..

..As Steven Spielberg watched on.

Christian Bale- don't we make a darling couple?

Jimmy Fallon- needing some help with the bowtie!

Morgan Freeman- the voice of an angel.

George Clooney- what happens in San Francisco.. stays in San Francisco.

No, thank you!

After the fabulous time in both the San Francisco Dungeon and Madame Tussauds, Mom and I took a nice walk on the wharf and went to tour the old Jeremiah O'Brian WWII ship.

Passing Alcatraz on the way, of course.

Massive one, this guy. Also called "the ugly duckling."

Lots of steep stairs to climb aboard!

What a view from the front!

Touring the inside was quite an eye opener..

Down we go to the..

See these pistons? These look familiar to those on the film Titanic? Well, they're the one and only! They actually shot the engine room scenes aboard this cargo ship, as well as recorded most of the ship's sounds from this guy. Incredible pieces of machinery right here!

Reminded me of Titanic once more! Full ahead full.

I thought my Hey Sailor! top was most appropriate.

Check out dem guns.

I guess this is one of the two remaining Liberty ships built during WWII that is still fully functional. How it wasn't destroyed during the war is incredible, and to be able to tour it is even more of a special treat.

As for our late afternoon snack, I suggested to Mom that we stop at the Buena Vista.

So you remember how I had my very first Irish Coffee the other night, a staple of San Francisco? Well, the drink originated in this here very cafe, and I got fabulous seats as to how they were prepared.

To start, heat the glasses with hot water. Remove water, add two sugar cubes. Pour in coffee. Stir. Pour in whiskey, don't stir. Then carefully add frothed cream, and bon appetit.

Divinity at its finest, and totally worth the $9.

Their clam chowder soup was scrumptious as well.

Definitely check it out!

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