Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vacation Spot- Cambria, CA (Day 11)

Ironically, Mum and I were supposed to leave Cambria today and head back to Irvine, but we felt as if we hadn't really gotten a proper feel of the small town, and passing by all of those antique shops was positively impossible, and so another night we stayed. 

Good thing too, because we prolly had some of the greatest luck shopping!

Our day began with a proper nice breakfast at the B&B, and then we walked a little ways down the road onto Main Street and popped into one of the antique stores that we had been to just the day before. What we didn't realize was that there was an entire upper floor that we missed, and so we returned justly!

So we were browsing along at a swell pace. I was still waking up (it takes me awhile), until we got to this one section of the store that had quite a collection of clothing. Upon further inspection, Mom and I found ourselves headfirst in a dive of designer, vintage, and exceptionally unique clothing. And since there was no one about (well, if there were, we scared them off for sure!), Mom and I made about three trips to the bathroom with arm fulls of goodies. 

Below are just glimpes into the world of wonder that we got to experience. It just goes to show that you never really know what treasures you're going to stumble across. And that's why I love vintage/antique shopping. There's a history, there's a personality with these items, and they get to be recycled and lived another day. That, to me, is pretty darn special. 

These are a few of my favourite things..

This was a treasure in itself, for Adele Simpson was one of the designers we learned about in our 20th Century Designers class, and here it was, in the flesh!

Now when you combine me with someone like my mom, you end up shopping for the entirety of a day, and that is precisely what we did. In just two antique stores, Mom and I managed to shop the day away from ten to five with a brief coffee break in between. I'm telling you, we go (Jon) Hamm when it comes to shopping! And the treasures we collected were truly an eclectic sort. 

Anyhow, it was finally that time to stop for dinner, and this time, instead of going to Madeline's (which we would've happily done a third time), we poked on over to try our luck at the Indigo Moon.

 To begin, Mom and I sprung for the yam and goat cheese won tons with ginger orange dipping sauce. 

And for our healthy kick, the pistachio crusted goat cheese salad with baby greens, ruby red grapefruit, cucumbers and spiced pistachios, and a Meyer lemon champagne vinaigrette. 

And then for the pasta, because we're Italian and we love our pasta: penne with chicken apple sausage, spinach, caramelized onions, Marsala cream and pine nuts. 

We then decided to hit the beach at an attempt to walk off some of those carbs.

There is such a different vibe between this type of beach and the sunny palm tree beaches of Southern California. I gotta say, I much prefer these quieter, moodier, more chillier beaches. I guess it just reminds me of home. 

We didn't walk too far before the wind blew us back to the sanctuary of our warm car!

And with the mindset of Mom and I, we saw that full moon ahead and immediately thought of Teen Wolf. Perhaps we could run into Scott tonight? Or Issac? Or even Derek?

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