Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vacation Spot- Cambria to Irvine, CA (Day 12)

Alas, our final road trip day has come to be.

Mom and I had our last breakfast at the darling B&B and then had the most daunting task of fitting all of our treasures into the backseat of my mini Fiat. But if I somehow got all of my college stuff to fit, I could certainly do so with this amount of stuff!

It took Mom and I not terribly long to pack the car, considering there was much rearranging and goofing off to be done, not to mention the hysterical onlookers who couldn't believe our situation.

But look Ma, we did it!

Minnie.. looking all pretty. What a fun road trip, indeed. 

P.S. So you know how the backseat was absolutely packed? Well of course Mom and I would stumble across the Outlets, in which case we HAD to stop. And of course there was a Kate Spade Outlet and let me tell you, we went crazy pants in there, oh yes we did. Coming out with three bags later, Mom and I just looked at each other and had a laugh. 

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