Sunday, April 19, 2015

Glamour&GQ Look Book Live Party.

Through FIDM, all things are possible.

I'm serious! Just a couple weeks ago, we were asked to attend this special VIP party by someone at FIDM. Whit, Jojo, and myself were more than ecstatic to attend, and we've been crossing down the days.

Well, today was that day, and let me tell you, it was a blast. I had more fun than I can say! We talked with style experts from the industry, got some makeovers, and then some wicked prizes for participating in some styling competitions, my favourite being the latter. Plus, I got to wear my fabulous new pink GIANFRANCO FERRE coat that I got at the epic shop, Torso, in San Francisco! 

Shall we begin?

Going in, we had no idea what to expect, but we were in for a massive satisfactory afternoon. Upon checking in, we were given giftbags that included a bottle of cider (here's to the under twenty-oners out there!), GQ and Glamour magazines, then some gift coupons, which made us very happy girls. When in college, you realize just how precious free things/gifts are! 

Then we took a look about. Basically, there were four stations describing various trends and styles that are popular this spring season. Then, after sifting through the racks, you not only have the opportunity to talk with the very best style experts at GQ and Glamour magazine as well as visiting the various makeup/brows/hair specialists. 

After taking a quick look around, we sat down to watch a little runway show of all the new spring trends. 

We were then given a commentary of the new spring trends by these stylists from GQ and Glamour magazine, and at the end of that speil, they announced a special competition. With two volunteers from the audience, which happened to be Whitney and myself, we had to create two date night looks in two minutes, explain our inspiration behind it to the audience, and then have it voted for best look. 

Here, Whitney and I take to the stage. 

It was fun, let me tell you! I had literally just been putting together outfits the night before at home, so I felt right in my place up there, and unbeknownst to us, both contestants got gift cards for participating to the SIMON mall! You can imagine that we were happy girls. 

(And yes, we did do some shopping afterwards to celebrate that!)

Coming back, we did some more looking through the racks, as well as partaking in some of the beauty services that were available. 

Whit and I went Jon Hamm when we saw this cover.

Here, I get my cat eye makeup and red lips done by a stylist at Sephora, and I must say, I learned some tips!

I then got my massive mane braided!

It twas the most pleasant afternoon, and we had FIDM once more to thank for allowing us this lovely opportunity! And I never would have dreamed of attending such fun events, but I'm telling you, anything is possible, and dreams really do come true. 

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