Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day.

Congratulations all my flowers and plants, for it is your day and you deserve proper honor.

Earth day should really be every day. And it is every day, I guess today is just a reminder and a special recognition to celebration of the earth. Plus, it's a chance to get down and dirty with Mother Nature. Not that you shouldn't be doing so on a regular basis!

Today, thanks to our awesome student activities director, Alex Williams, we had the treat of potting some plants outside. I got my very own pink FIDM apron, courtesy of Alex, who didn't want my outfit to get ruined (these people here sure now how fashion students think!), and surrounded by like minded pot planters, we got our hands in the dirt and placed such lovely flowers to grow in our very own mugs.

What did you do to celebrate earth day? Did you take a bike to work, or maybe you munched on some celery and thanked Mother Nature for her bounty? Either way, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I!

Earth day at FIDM...

The lovely Jordan..

Jordan and Whitney!

What I wore: pink VO JEANS (from Windsor out of all places!) with studded shoulders, and floral silk TED BAKER skirt (used).

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