Thursday, July 16, 2015

Date Night.

I was at work today when a customer asked if it was hard for me to find a tall date. As I've grown accustomed to this question, I answered the usual and said that I don't mind waiting for someone who isn't intimidated by my height and confidence. 

It was then that my best friend Caroline said, I'll be your date. Let's have a date night tonight. Agreed! Granted, we have been planning this since awhile back because our schedules are so crazy, but it was the perfect invitation timing. 

That being said, I would also like to mention the doom and gloom weather we've had today, and the surprising chipper attitude that came out of it. All morning at work, we were absolutely slammed. It was that summer rush we had all been waiting for, and instead of customers being grumpy and short with us baristas, there was a very lightlhearted and positive attitude about all who walked in. 

Call it the similar bonding of protection from the outside elements in the warmth of our cafe with a cup of joe ( today was 4X drinks and white mochas), but I was not complaining! 

Anyhow, since Caroline and I will be having a proper girls night, I thought why not do some pre gaming? before she came over. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? 

This Ted Baker flask of mine fits my outdoorsy Alaskan spirit very well, if I do say so myself. 

And cat earrings are only proper for the occasion! 

What I wore: cat earrings (used), handmade flower necklace, real vintagey dress (used), brown BCBG ankle booties (used), and Ted Baker flask. 

Live long. Laugh often. Twirl. And sip whiskey. 

After our weekly sushi dinner, I rushed home and Caroline soon arrived. 

There were hellos and catching up (after all, it had been a whole five hours since I last saw her) and then we went over to the bar area and requested a little something something from the bartender. 

Dad sure knows how to make a proper drink! Just look at him go.. 

If Caroline's and I's friendship could be summed up in one photo, this right here is a pretty accurate depiction. Oversized cat sweaters and alcohol. 

Anyhow, tonight's date night consisted of the very entertaining Into the Woods. Accompanied with hypnotics and brownies and you have yourself two very happy girls. 

What a fabulous girls night. And we even had hot tub tubby time, and sitting out there in the dusk as it sprinkled down.. Man, Alaska is gorgeous and I'm reminded of that each and every day. 

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