Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lovely L'Alaska.

I was just thinking about writing up a post about how beautiful Mother Nature is and how blessed we are up here in Alaska to experience her profound and natural beauty, when we got a taste of Mother Nature's fury.

I was all ready to talk about to talk about the sunny 6:00 am mornings, the rich greenery untouched by anything, when I got a little taste of the other side. 

It was about two hours ago today that I was scrapbooking when all of a sudden, the house began to shake. It was quite noticeable, and at first, I thought nothing of it. But when I stood to go downstairs, things got even worse and it was definitely the scariest earthquake I have ever felt living here! 

Fudge went sprinting to the underside of the bed (smart kitty), lights were swinging, and hearts were pounding. It's not everyday that the earth can move a big timber frame home, but I can tell you one thing- it makes me realize just how much sway Mother Nature has and how there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Makes me feel humble and small! 

Turns out, it was a 6.34 magnitude quake. Whew. And just yesterday, my grandma called from South Dakota to complain about a 2 1/2 inch hailstorm that ruined her garden. 

There is no doubt that there is something brewing here in the earth with our weather as of late. Just more reason to be aware and careful of how we treat this precious Earth. 

Anyhow, I'll take you back on that bright side of the beautiful and scenic Alaska.. Get our mind off the scariness for a little. And in case you need even more of a mood brightener, imagine Colton Haynes coming to rescue you in a natural disaster..

To begin, we will start with the multiple trips down to the river we made this past week. 

Six am never looked so good...

Fishing was (not so) red hot.. Whilst everyone around us were catching kings, I was too busy hooking them, then losing them..

Here, I take Fudge with me back out... Into the woods, where there's moose, bears, and kitties, oh my. 

Later that day, I took up the offer of trying my hand at fishing again. It was such a lovely day out, the least I would come home with is a fresh tan! 

Can we just appreciate Dad's photo bomb faces?

Captain Krull. 

My inner sea witch is at last released..

We don't get ten minutes into the water before Alyeska manages to get her hook caught in a nearby tree..

And today, hiking at Fuller Lakes! Although prolonged for a couple hours due to an intense downpour, we managed to have quite the perfect time. 

This tree is by far my best friend. 

This one ain't so bad either..

We made it! 

Here, Alyeska and I attempt to show Anton the sexy white girl pose..

Anton took our advice and instead transformed into a creeper, who likes to hold fireweed..

And if you look closely..

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