Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nikko Nights.

There's this tradition that our family has every Thursday. A tradition that involves food, which, to me, is one of the best traditions to have! 

Every Thursday, Mom, Dad, Anton, and I have the best sushi dinner over at Nikko Garden. We've been doing this for throats couple of years and have become quite the regulars, even developing while a relationship with the gal in charge,Mrs. Nikko. 

And when we're there, we are on a roll. Hehehe get it? 

Dad is the sushi guru in our family. He was actually the first to get me hooked on sushi betting me $5 to try a piece. And now I pay $5 for the sushi!

The wait between order time and consuming time is always a rough one. My teeth protrude and my eyes begin to wander...

But once the sushi starts rolling out, all is well!

Here, we have your classic crunch roll. Mom likes these because they aren't spicy. She doesn't do spicy!

Everyone has a sushi face. This is what my brother's looks like...

The hot 'n sexy roll. Totally how I like to roll. 


And this one was named after Dad, for he's such a valued customer (prolly eating there earlier today at lunch), called the Dr. Henry roll. 

The Nikko roll.. Full of crab and shrimps. 

Here, Dad poses with the Big Boss. Fitting. 

It was just going to be an outfit pose, but then my dad slipped in, and then my brother followed because he claims he's not on my blog enough. So here we are. 

I soon noticed that my dad was up on his toes because I was taller in my booties. 

Love these guys of mine!

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