Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fishing with Father / Day 1

After a busy (and tiring) seven day work week, I finally had a couple days to myself. 

Well, after spending far too much time away from my beautiful home, I wanted nothing more than to spend time on the ocean with my dad fishing. 

It's one of my all time favourite Alaskan activities. But on your Alaskan garb, grab a pole, and try your hand at catching some dinner. There's plenty of time for shopping and girly stuff, but this girl right here needs a little slice of the outdoor Alaskan life!

So on Friday morning, after consuming a generous quad shot latte, Dad and I set sail for the seas. 

Boat parked down a familiar size..

Now there are days where the seas are rough, and then there are days when the seas are perfect. Today was the perfect kind of day.

After stopping at our fishing spot at Pogi Point, Dad and I let down the line to try our hand at trolling for king salmon. Although we didn't catch any kings, I did manage to reel in the first fish of the day- a beautiful silver salmon!

Dad was up next with a nice sized halibut. It took awhile for him to grab the thrashing thing, as you can tell..

What a beaut!

He then pulled up a shark, which happens more often than not here in the ocean!

And not soon after, I reeled in a nice ugly Irish Lord. 

This right here? Can't be beat.

Lunch today was a little on the improvized side. Dad accidentally left the non-perishable cooler at home and so all we had were the perishables. That being said, lunch ended up being cheese, turkey, and lettuce...

And beer!

Dad, ever the friendly captain of the Proud Mary!

My panoramic of Dad..

vs Dad's panoramic of me..

Outfit of choice today..

We start of with some lucky orca earrings. Although we didn't see any orcas, we did happen do see a couple of porpoises (porpii?) off the bow, as well as multiple sea otters. 

I then wore my lovely blue Salmon Sisters hoodie.. used, of course.

Tank was also Salmon Sisters.. 

And black pants with anchor were also Salmon Sisters (used as well)..

Let's not forget the "unlucky" banana boots, which turned out to be lucky after all!

According to Dad, selfies with multiple people are called "ussies." Gotta love Dad jokes.

BEAutiful day on the water.

Obviously I was working way too hard.

And then things got interesting again!

After some incredibly sore arms (reeling in a 25 lb halibut with a three pound sinker in 225 feet of water with an intense current is tough!), and very bruised pelvis bones, I reeled in the second 'but of the day!

And Dad got some more as well!

So at about five, we put the poles away and made our way into Seldovia where we scored an epic seat at the Boardwalk Hotel Pub and Grille for some dinner. 

I would trade 1000 Southern California days for this right here. 

Very fishy meal- clam chowder!

And dessert, because we deserved it!

Our sleep spot tonight was just down the cove from Seldovia in this nice secluded area..

Perfect place to rest and fillet some of our prizes!

Oh how I've missed you Alaska!

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