Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fishing with Father / Day 2

Waking up to a view like this was pretty incredible. Alaska's beauty still ceases to amaze me and I am forever astounded by its pistcard perfect looks every way I turn. 

It may sound cliche and sappy but it's how I feel! 


It's also Fourth of July, so horrah for America. 

I couldn't resist also slipping on this Alaskan vest of mine.. 

And instead of the incredible sunshine that Dad and I were lucky to have yesterday, we were instead blessed with rain...

And lots of kelp. 

Breakfast was at the same spot as yesterday; in fact, just inside to where we dined yesterday! 

Cups of coffee to warm these bones and wake up these sleepy souls..

Dad and I both had breakfast burritos, which proved to be quite tasty and filling! 

And then the fishing began. Fishing unfortunately wasn't as good as yesterday. We caught some cod, Irish Lords, skates.. 

...And two of these questionable sea creatures. They look exactly what they look like. Must be males. 

We did catch two treasures! Mom and Alyeska hitched a boat ride with a friend and the family was reunited. 


Alyeska was the first to reel in the one and only fish of the day- a silver! 

But it was fun being out on the ocean together. 

On the way back, however, we ran into some rough seas. We spotted this white cap on the fat horizon and pretty soon, we were bouncing every which way to the chops and unpredictability of Mother Nature. I myself find rough seas to be fun, especially when I've got such a fine sea captain as my dad! 

And of course, we made it back safe and sound. 

Before hitting the road with Alyeska, we decided to hit up some of Homer's fine dining establishments. We stopped for a delicious maple latte on the spit..

And stopped for a slice of the good stuff at Fat Olives. Your classic Fourth of July! 

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